Sales-As-A-Service – on tap sales enablement across industries and geographies.

Investors, Founders and Managers of companies be they in the start up mode or are well established, are constantly looking to grow their businesses by adding new geographies, new customers, new products/services. The SalesFulcrum offering is aimed at achieving the results that companies want easily, predictably and with cost-effective management input and investments.

The SalesFulcrum professionals have years of experience selling a variety of products and services in their respective industries and geographies with deep knowledge of the markets, connects with customers and stand ready to deliver high impact results to customers.


Founders and Managers are getting more and more frustrated with the lack of productivity and predictability of their sales teams despite the significant investments they make into this function through all stages of the business.
They also worry about the constant change in the buying decisions amongst their customers with the constant change in personnel, processes, and geographic spread of stake holders. The traditional methods of cold-calling, networking, event participation, are producing ever smaller returns.


SalesFulcrum provides a tested process and scalable teams of experienced sales professionals to each customer to achieve the myriad goals – gain entry into named accounts, grow business in existing accounts, geographic spread, increase sale ticket size, improve margins.
Working closely with the customer team, each engagement is designed to be highly time and result oriented while ensuring costs are contained tightly.


The SalesFulcrum service has been field tested and has delivered success to a variety of customers ranging from start-ups offering cutting edge IP solutions to ERP level products to BPO services.
The foot print of the service includes Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, Oman, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.


  • Easy to start

  • Minimal training and management oversight

  • Constant feedback and visibility

  • Fast Geographic foot-print expansion

  • Leveraging existing customer contacts and existing relationships

  • Custom engagement models to meet each individual company’s challenges, budgets and timelines


Rapid Start

The seasoned sales professionals of SalesFulcrum come with years of experience, knowledge, relevant customer contacts and familiarity with the geographical area. This helps deliver a rapid ability to start and generate revenues.

Spend matches Revenue

The sales team can be expanded and contracted based on the goals and budgets of an organization. SalesFulcrum brings the simplicity, scalability and operational efficiency of a SaaS model to the sales function.

Tremendous Leverage

The sales professionals bring with them their personal contacts and also a process to find new prospects and close deals. They understand the value proposition, competition and find the best prospects for quick sales and provide fantastic leverage to our clients.

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