ForceFulcrum is all about leverage - helping organizations achieve multifold increase in the return on their investments.
Our Solutions
ForceFulcrum brings to its customers a multitude of offerings that range from providing a specific point solution to generic platforms that meet the myriad needs of an organization. Our advisory services are designed to work closely with employee teams of our customers and craft solutions that help scale operations and deliver outsized results.
Who we are
ForceFulcrum is headed by a group of seasoned and high energy professionals with experience working for a range of large, medium and small organizations in varied industries such as IT, IT Enabled Services, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Education, Shipping and Consulting.
We have delivered outsized results to our employers and bring the same passion and focus to help our customers transform the aspirations they have for their businesses and reach enhanced goals.
Our Customers
ForceFulcrum has earned the privilege of working with a range of small(including start-ups), medium and large size customers in real estate, pharmaceutical, banking, financial services, logistics, media, retail, government, education and research.
Our Community Outreach
We strongly believe that we have a duty to help the societies we live in with our time, ideas and resources. Delivering a significant portion of our gross margins each year to reputed NGOs is a corporate mandate.
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